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Welcome to the Short Eats!

We love family. We love food. We love fun. 
We are want you to pull up a chair, and join us!

Serving up home-made, authentic Trinidadian and Sri-Lankan feasts 
that just so happen to be dairy-free, suitable for vegans and vegetarians

(how do you like that?!)

Sri-Lankan and Trinidadian feasts

Plant-based / Dairy-free / Delivered to you


The Experience 

All home made. All freshly prepared. All delicious. 

This is the food we grew up eating- Sri-ini;

A Sri Lankan and Trinidadian melting pot. 







Sup Next?

Stay tuned for details on our next Supper Club


Belly Expectation:

5 Course Lunch

with Tea Pairing 

Date: TBC


Venue: TBC



The Story

How it all came to be

Hello, it’s me, your chef. Over there on the far right. >> Don’t let the pigtails fool you.


My grandparents are in the middle; the leaders of our food gang. My grandma, ‘Amma’, taught my dad everything she knew about cooking. He’s the cool dude rocking the 70’s specs; Sri-Lankan born. The gorgeous lady next to him is my mum, Trini born. Me and my older brother (the moon-faced dreamer with the Casio watch) grew up in the perimeters of our kitchen in South East London.


We were forever playing with pots and pans whilst delicious aromas filled the room, and spent the evening dissecting the day around the dinner table. 

We want you to join our family. Lose yourself in laughter around the table and the taste of an amazing dish. A lot can happen in just one meal.



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and random old shots

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